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Flavors from the busiest and most vibrant streets of India, where true culinary genius is found

Roṭikās is a fun and delicious spin on Indian Fusion cuisine. Some of the best food from around the world is street food, and our mission was to create a menu that is an amalgamation of our favorite foods from across the globe infused with Indian spices and flavors.

We serve up comfort food that embodies a homemade touch using only the freshest of ingredients and spices. Since there is nothing more heartwarming and delicious in any culture than a homemade meal, we also bring you traditional family mealboxes that are a culmination of India's astonishing culinary diversity.


Our menu is an extension of our love of food, travel, and the culinary experience. Consider this an ode to some of the hardest working restaurateurs in the world, those that work in sometimes the tightest quarters on the busiest streets in countries with the richest culinary histories- true culinary geniuses. 

So close your eyes and allow for the aromas and the vibrant ambience of these global sidewalks to envelop you...

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